Maximizing Post-Exercise Recovery with Carbohydrate plus Protein: How and Why It Works

The critical role of proper post-exercise nutrition has been well established through decades of scientific research and practical application. While the importance of carbohydrate intake has been well documented, recent investigations have demonstrated the effectiveness of carbohydrate plus protein supplementation in improving exercise performance in an acute bout, as well as in a second bout the same day. In addition, carbohydrate+protein supplementation post-exercise has been shown to be effective in restoring muscle glycogen, repairing muscle damage, attenuating protein degradation and initiating protein synthesis ? all positive outcomes that lead to improved rate of recovery and adaptation to exercise training. In this article, we describe the mechanisms by which carbohydrate+protein supplementation can improve recovery and increase training adaptations more effectively than when ingesting either nothing at all or carbohydrate only following an intense endurance exercise session.
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