Background:The American Dietetic Association sponsors an annual conference that brings scientists together from all over to discuss novel findings and future directions for dietetic research.  The poster abstracts were published in a supplemental issue of their journal (see journal for authors, affiliations, and complete abstract).

Key findings from poster abstracts about sports nutrition:

  • Acute consumption of whole beetroot (known for its high levels of nitrate) improved running speed in a 5 K race.
  • In addition to patients with anorexia nervosa, patients with bulimia nervosa or an eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS) also tend to exhibit high levels of exercise.
  • Marathon and half marathon times tended to be improved when racers did not consume bread or a sports bar.
  • The majority of intercollegiate female athletes do not meet the daily required intake for total energy, carbohydrate, or protein.